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Procedures for Tucson Pilates Connection Wellness Center

We continue to abide by the CDC recommendations of required Masks, Social Distancing and Washing Hands regularly.
We want to continue to be part of your health lifestyle; let us celebrate 2021 together.

Tucson Pilates Connection Wellness Center wants to keep all of our clients as healthy as possible. We are asking if you have recently traveled or have been exposed to a person who is positive with COVID-19 to please inform your instructors before returning to the studio.
We want you to know the actions and new procedures we have incorporated are to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our community.

  • You can test or quarantine for 14 days and then are welcome back as soon as you know that you are healthy.
  • Please follow the guidelines to keep everyone safe.
  • Due to the increase of Coronavirus cases, Masks are now required for all classes.

Upon entering the Studio:

  1. Please place your street shoes on the rubber mat in front of the baskets.
  2. Place any personal items (keys, wallets, etc.) in the baskets.
  3. Sanitize your hands and feet. You can use your toe sox after you wipe your feet.

We have a filtered water dispenser with disposable cups.

After your appointment:

  • Please sanitize the equipment/props you have used.
  • We will be using a single pair of loops (hand/footwork) per person.
    They are changed to a new set after each appointment.

Upon leaving the studio:

  1. Please put your street shoes back on and collect your personal items.
  2. Use the Microban to completely spray the basket and return upside down back on the shelves.
  3. Use the hand sanitizer to clean your hands.

If you do not feel well, please notify us to cancel your appointment and do not come in.
Please be considerate of others.
If you are coughing or sneezing, you will be asked to go home.

In compliance with CDC Guidelines:

  • Hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes are at both entrances.
  • Equipment is spaced 6 feet between each other to accommodate Social Distancing.
  • To avoid gatherings, there will be extra time given in-between appointments.
    This will allow people to come and go freely while also allowing us to fully re-sanitize the equipment.

This routine is maintained daily by staff.
Professional cleaning company; weekly.

We will be actively striving to stay as up to date as possible with the guidelines as they change.
Please remain patient and kind to yourself and others as we are all in this together. We are all learning and adapting to the new norm that this has brought.
Thank you so much. Julia Kreis RN/BSN and all the staff here at Tucson Pilates Connection.

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